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  Speaker Workshop Change Log
Date Ver Description
Apr 16, 2002 1.06 Allow shift key down before mouse-down while drawing links to connect/add
Fix localization being set too late for registry entries (Latency)
Fix right button menu messages in tree
Change color choices for waterfall
Fix sawtooth frequency
Fix crash on delete network
Added 96KHz option to Options / Preferences General tab
Feb 1, 2002 1.05 Remember paths and suffixes for import and export
Override file open to last path used
Fix crash in About box from GetDiskFreeSpace
Repair Italian localization
Jan 21, 2002 1.04 Change GetDiskFreeSpace linkage to dynamic to support win95 osr1
Add Network Options dialog (in-place value editing)
Allow , and . as decimal separators
Save line color, weight, and style for chart defaults
Don't delete temporary resources when saving
Updated localizations
Dec 13, 2001 1.03

Fix load/save of chart defaults
Fix crash on bad bar settings
Change chart line spacing definitions for printout

Dec 02, 2001 1.02

Remove full dataset option from waterfall
Add on-line help for waterfall dialog
Change waterfall to use fixed endpoint
Add apply option to Transform Scale and Transform Smooth
Save chart defaults was not working - fixed
Changed Calculate Frequency reference definition to agree with acoustic (see here)
Fix temp item processing in tree
Add description to Merge Port result
Save correct help file version

Nov 19, 2001 1.01

Add multiple driver and multiple port support to sealed, vented, and enclosure calculations
Fix change res alter option in vented dialog to use qb3
Start using Zgrid
Fix GPFault on Undo of Resource New

Nov 09, 2001 1.00 Add Interchannel time delay option for use with non-synchronous audio cards (e.g. SBLive)
Add Port and Gated response charts to driver definition
Add Merge Port Response option to Driver menus
Add Apply button to Transform Delay dialog.
Add Volume Calculator
Fix folder view initial sizing
Fix disk free space calculation
Fix help file typos
Fix default component shift for L-Pad and Zobel
Change network to mH and uF by default
Add trails to Network frequency calculation
May 27, 2001 0.98 Fix sporadic crash on exit with autosave on
Gray out temporary icons
Add Ctrl+T accelerator for Make Temporary/Permanent
Change status bar display to show actual measurement frequency rather than position frequency
Add Insert Driver menu option for networks
Add first trail dataset to chart when first built
May 15, 2001 0.97 Seriously tighten up error checking on dialog data entry
Fix setting default combo box values (lost due to translation issues, e.g. in FFT)
Make import/export use US-English decimal point
Add Country Code option to Options / Preferences General Tab to allow turning off locale numeric and date codes
Fix enclosure bug (Crash on edit properties, calculate sealed, calculate vented)
Added autosave option to Options / Preferences General Tab (saves to myfile.$.swd)
Make the frequency grid slightly sparser when packed on the right
Fix crash in auto-overview chart and perturb for networks (killed by undo changes)
Fix frequency scrollbar in Time/Distance/Frequency calculator
Fix crash on calculate frequency response
Change autoscale in graphs to go to gridlines top/bottom
May 8, 2001 0.96 Sped up measurements with serious internal changes to Undo
Made Generator Preferences set type based on ending page
Fix crash on dataset delete with Locations window open
Add logarithm to Transform / Scale options
Added trails option for measurements [ Driver / Measure Impedance, Frequency, Microphone, and Measure Frequency Response on-axis, nearfield, farfield, 30degrees, 60degress]
Fix: Clip the chart in driver and enclosure view if window too small
Added File / Save Registry command for remote diagnostics
Extract all of the combo selections into resources for translation
Enlarge dialog boxes to contain longer translated text. See here
Apr 15, 2001 0.95 Added time-distance-frequency conversion calculator
Added polarity indication to drivers in networks
Added inductor Qs
Fix highpass goal miscalculation
Fix A/B mischeck on splice
Draw format edit units in dark blue
Added right mouse button = cycle backwards to units
Fix window crash on delete
Fix modeless dialog move on reopen
Limit component value settings in network optimize
Mar 30, 2001 0.94a Chart Notes were added. Also added were goals for networks and a network optimizer to automatically calculate optimum crossover components. Some crossover name associations were fixed. A serious bug with mono recording (halving frequency) was fixed. A number of calculate dialogs became modeless. See here and here
Mar 10, 2001 0.93 This is primarily a fix for the older SoundBlaster AWE16 and AWE64 cards to allow disabling the 48KHz sample rate option. Also added was an additional chart color choice. Summary information for drivers was reformatted to be prettier. See here.
Mar 5, 2001 0.92 Add American (English) units to the enclosure and driver views. Changed nearfield description to remove gating words. Add (gating) description to measure mic ( gated). Fix copy/paste of versionable resources (enclosure,driver,). Improve gating descriptions for gated measurements
Add Merge Port Response option to Enclosure / Calculate.Add impedance match options to Insert Crossover. Add Insert L-Pad command to Network. Add grid option for Network object movement
Make Options / Preferences tabs sticky (remember the last active tab). Add option to Options / Preferences to draw resistors as boxes. Add endpoints option to network figures
Add unit of measure to network component labels. Added mouse wheel zoom to Network display
Simplify Network properties dialog. Fix network display window size (scrollbars)
Feb 25, 2001 0.91 Fixed channel definitions and added shaped tone bursts.
Feb 22, 2001 0.90 Improved channel definitions and compensation. Added tabular info to enclosure and driver views. Added channel warmup option. See here.
Dec 16, 2000 0.89 Fixed impedance jig. Added vu meter and persistant chart formats.
Dec 09, 2000 0.88 Added 2 channel acoustic testing. Improved QB3 alignment. Updated help. See here.
Nov 28, 2000 0.87 Added better units display to charts. Fixed vented box calculations. .
Nov 19, 2000 0.86 Added multiple MLS tests. Added box tuning display to Vented calculation. See here
Nov 15, 2000 0.85 Added 48KHz sampling support See here.
Nov 5, 2000 0.84 Changed data synchronization method to use Windows synchronization
Oct 31, 2000 0.82 Fixed resource import to (a) improve accuracy, (b) support log frequency data, (c) ignore * comments
Sept 30, 2000 0.81 Fixed autoload bug from 0.80, changed default background color to light gray, added units in status bar
Sept 19, 2000 0.80 Fixed negative bounds crash on log charts. Improved mouse wheel zoom-out to stay within chart boundaries. Improved single click tree resource open. Added "No response available" message in the view for drivers without a frequency response dataset. Fixed / Added ability to edit folder properties (add a comment). Added chart default options (Make and Use) to edit menu. Added some buttons to the button bar. Fixed correlation overflow (with large data) with 128K sample size and added 256K sample size
Sept 10, 2000 0.79 Chart font settings are now working. Added chart default grid color and background color. Also added mouse wheel support for chart zooming and improved impedance calculations for enclosures.
Aug 28, 2000   Check out QuickMix a neat freeware program to let you load/save mixer settings. Works great with Speaker Workshop. (Thanks to Dan Fontaine).
July 24, 2000 0.78 This fixes a bug in the added mass calculations. It also fixes the ? driver properties bug. Documentation has been slightly improved.
July 20, 2000 0.77 As promised, this version has Added Mass support for Vas estimation. It's pretty raw and feedback is welcome. Also parameter estimation is improved (again) and a new dialog (Set Equivalent) lets you manually set the driver electrical equivalent.
July 15, 2000 0.76 This version has new log Grid display and scale display. It also has new driver T/S estimation code. Also, the algorithm for calculating Vas based on sealed boxes has been improved. There are also some minor and major bug fixes (channel calibration can now be used again).
July 6, 2000 0.75 This version has minor bug fixes and is totally recompiled and rebuilt. Assuming it works ok, newer versions should be more major and more frequent. It should fix a serious crash bug when doing impedance tests.
April 10, 1999 0.74 Rev 0.74 has a number of new bug fixes. Also added a debug output option and nearly complete "Added mass" T/S method. The Documentation is also substantially improved - the help system keeps non-displaying images - hopefully all images are now visible and accurate.
March 25, 1999   Added a "Real Results" section to discuss actual results of using the program.
Jan 28, 1999   Rev 0.73 has bug fixes. This should fix load problems and driver crashes.
Nov 23, 1998   Added a Forum section for exchange of ideas and on-line support.
Nov 16, 1998   Rev 0.72 has bug fixes. No new features.
Sept 25, 1998   Rev 0.71 has some minor bug fixes. There is a  folder view. Single click open was added.
Sept 14, 1998   Rev 0.70 was compiled with the C++ 6.0 compiler. As such it may have some idiosyncracies. The jig help was fixed. Zoom-in chart now works correctly. The Microsoft DLL's are no longer necessary.
Oct 22, 1997   Rev 0.60 fixes some bugs (crash on new driver , crash on options calibrate, crash on generator properties / User Def/ browse) and adds jig calibration measurement display and location dialog improvements.
Oct 9, 1997   The latest revision fixes some minor bugs and embeds the audiocheck application. Help is now up to date.
Sept 30, 1997   There is a new program to check sound cards (AudioCheck). Now included in Speaker Workshop.
June 8, 1997   Enclosures remains alpha, the rest of the product will be beta when we fix the Word issue and update the help file.
April 23, 1997   This is almost exclusively Help File improvements, although there is a new executable to match.
April 6, 1997   The latest release of Speaker Workshop fixes some bugs and improves the on-line help. Version numbering will be numeric from now on - to match the About box.
April 3, 1997   The site has changed substantially. New graphics, new organization and the addition of Home Automation. If you like/don't like this, send feedback to webmaster@audua.com

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