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  Speaker Workshop Detailed Specifications

Speaker Workshop is a Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP based program designed to test speaker drivers and design speakers. The program has full multi-step undo/redo capability.

The basic file type in Speaker Workshop (the document) is a project tree containing many different basic types (such as folders, drivers, enclosures) called resources. All charts, tests, alternate designs, etc. are saved in one single document - easily accessible with names that can be long and descriptive. The project tree window can be hidden, floating, or attached to a side of the program.

Speaker Workshop can test and measure:

Driver Impedance Test a driver’s impedance from 20Hz to 18KHz with a resolution of 1/3 of a Hz. Uses an MLS signal of up to 128K samples at sample rates of 11K, 22K, and 44KHz.
Passive Components Find the value of a passive component to within approximately 1%. Automatically detects R,L,C and uses a full impedance curve to find a best fit for value and Q.
Transfer Function The frequency response / transfer function of an amplifier can be tested from 20Hz to 18Khz with a resolution of 1/3 Hz. Uses MLS sequence of up to 128K samples at 11K to 44KHz. Tests calibration channel and input channels simultaneously in one operation.
Driver Acoustic Response With a suitable microphone, test acoustic response of a driver over the same ranges as transfer function above.
Harmonic Distortion Measure harmonic distortion in speakers and amplifiers, down to approximately .03%.
Intermodulation Distortion   Measure intermodulation distortion down to approximately .03%.

Speaker Workshop can design:

Enclosures Design sealed and vented enclosures for woofers and midranges using a range of Q and tuning values. This is conventional modeling. Results include impedance, acoustic response, group delay, and cone excursion.
Stock Crossovers Insert stock crossovers (1-4 order 2-way) and standard impedance corrections (inductive rise or resonant peak). Select the critical frequency for impedance compensation.
Custom Crossovers   Includes full crossover design capabilities for designing complex crossovers. Uses graphical user interface with zoom-in and zoom-out, placing components and drawing connections. With calculated impedance and acoustic results.

Speaker Workshop comes with a

Signal Generator This can play 10 types of signals (incl. Sine, Square, Pulse, Sweep, Warble), as well as any custom signal defined by a .WAV file. Can record two input channels while playing (e.g. an audio oscilloscope).


Speaker Workshop has many analytical tools including:

Transformations Include FFT, Inverse FFT, scaling, smoothing, splicing, and digital filtering.
Charts Charts can include multiple datasets. Position information for each dataset in a chart is easily displayed. Zoom-in and out are supported and axes, titles, colors, ... are programmable.

The Speaker Project is a detailed writeup about designing, building, and testing a subwoofer and 5 monitor speakers. It's a great tutorial about using Speaker Workshop and well worth the read.

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