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Changes to 1.06
Allow shift key down before mouse-down while drawing links to connect/add 
Fix localization being set too late for registry entries (Latency)
Fix right button menu messages in tree
Change color choices for waterfall 
Fix sawtooth frequency
Fix crash on delete network 
Added 96KHz option to Options / Preferences General tab

Detailed change descriptions


  Speaker Workshop
changes for version 0.86

What version 0.86 adds is the ability to have the MLS test repeated multiple times. After the test is repeated the results are averaged and correlated. The result of doing an MLS more than once is a reduction in the noise of the test. Here's an example chart comparing single channel frequency using 1 MLS sample versus using 6 MLS samples (the red chart is the 6 samples).

Notice that the absolute average levels are the same, but the 6 sample version has much less high frequency noise. In some ways this is similar to performing a smoothing operation. The difference is that here the data is not smoothed arithmetically - causing a loss in detail - but rather the detail stays the same and the jitter decreases substantially.

To change the number of MLS samples just open the Options Preferences dialog and go to the Measurements tab. Repeat Count is the number of MLS samples to take.

Because the samples are done one after the other there is a chance of one sample's data corrupting the next if echoes persist from sample to sample so if you use multiple samples for acoustic testing there is a possibility that multiple samples will reduce accuracy. Try it and see what you think for acoustic testing, but for impedance testing you may wish to increase the number of samples - which will increase accuracy of things like driver parameter estimation.


Speaker Workshop is currently

Version 1.06 Rev 4/16/02

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