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Changes to 1.06
Allow shift key down before mouse-down while drawing links to connect/add 
Fix localization being set too late for registry entries (Latency)
Fix right button menu messages in tree
Change color choices for waterfall 
Fix sawtooth frequency
Fix crash on delete network 
Added 96KHz option to Options / Preferences General tab

Detailed change descriptions


  Speaker Workshop
version 0.94 - Chart Notes

Click here for info about Crossover Network Optimization

Version 0.94 adds chart annotation (Notes) to improve printout of charts and allow you to show significant chart features.

Although Notes may be added to any dataset display (and they stay around while Speaker Workshop is open), Notes are saved ONLY in Chart resources. If you want to save a note for later, make sure you build a chart resource (Resource / New / Chart) and use that to place the notes.

To add a note, right click the mouse inside a chart and select Note...
To edit a note, double-click it with the mouse

The dialog for editing note properties looks like:

This shows a typical Note Properties dialog. This will put a note at 44Hz showing frequency and amplitude. The chart looks like

We can add a few more notes and move the chart around to get the following:

The yellowish note was done with no Line connecting it to its frequency. It also uses a larger typeface. 

I pressed Ctrl+Enter to get the second text line in each note.

Also notice the use of fields that auto-fill in the notes. You can use %y1 and %y2 to get data filled in appropriately. Also use %f to get the frequency to display.


Speaker Workshop is currently

Version 1.06 Rev 4/16/02

For a complete list of version changes, click here.