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Changes to 1.06
Allow shift key down before mouse-down while drawing links to connect/add 
Fix localization being set too late for registry entries (Latency)
Fix right button menu messages in tree
Change color choices for waterfall 
Fix sawtooth frequency
Fix crash on delete network 
Added 96KHz option to Options / Preferences General tab

Detailed change descriptions


  Speaker Workshop
changes for version 0.96
Trails, Speedups and Localization

Version 0.96 has a number of substantial modifications.

First, the program has a large number of textual changes to support localization (translation to non-English languages). There is some chance that some of these were done wrong. That may be seen in a combo box that has the wrong default or the wrong set of selections. Please inform us if you find any of those. 

There have been a number of users having issues with the fact that Speaker Workshop now uses their local language number and date formats. As a result, the default operation as of 0.96b is to use US ANSI standard definitions (the method used in 0.95). To switch to local language dates and number formats set Country Code (in Options / Preferences the General Tab) to 1. The default (0) uses US ANSI.

Next, the undo operations have changed pretty significantly. This should only be obvious as a substantial speedup when doing measurements. In addition to running faster, the new version also uses far less memory than previous versions. Hopefully it also fixes some lingering Undo bugs, but it may have caused more.

Third, there is a new command Save Registry in the File menu. This is strictly for diagnostic purposes. If you are having difficulty with the program we may ask that you e-mail the saved registry to us. This ONLY saves the portion of the registry having to do with Speaker Workshop (it produces a text file that you are welcome to browse through). The saved registry has no other purpose than diagnostic for Audua support.

Finally, version 0.96 adds Trails. These are currently implemented in an out-of-the-way place. In Options / Preferences the General. tab there is a new question:

    Number of past measurements to keep

If you set this greater than 0, then when you do a typical measurement (on-axis, 30 degrees, impedance, ...) Speaker Workshop will now do two things. First, it will build a chart named measurement.Chart and second it will start keeping older measurements around as measurement.trl1 and measurement.trl2 and so on. These trln files contain the prior measurements and the Chart shows the current measurement as well as all of the trails. A typical chart might look like


One thing to keep in mind, the chart and the trails are temporary resources. When you save the file these resources will disappear - so they don't clutter up your file. You can make a resource permanent (the usual type of resource) by selecting the resource in the tree then right-clicking it and picking Make Permanent from the popup menu. If you make further measurements they will still overwrite permanent resources, however.


Speaker Workshop is currently

Version 1.06 Rev 4/16/02

For a complete list of version changes, click here.