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Changes to 1.06
Allow shift key down before mouse-down while drawing links to connect/add 
Fix localization being set too late for registry entries (Latency)
Fix right button menu messages in tree
Change color choices for waterfall 
Fix sawtooth frequency
Fix crash on delete network 
Added 96KHz option to Options / Preferences General tab

Detailed change descriptions


  Speaker Workshop
changes for version 1.00
Time Correction

Version 1.00 has one major modification.

In the Option / Preferences / General tab there is now an option for Interchannel Time Delay (in microseconds). This is used to correct for time delay between the left and right channel input systems. On my SoundBlaster Live this is a great feature that fixes their asynchronicity for once and for all. I use a value of -12uS I think.

To set the value, do a channel calibration and look at the calibration curve. If the curve is flat but the phase angle increases (or decreases) to 20KHz then you probably have a time delay problem. Apply time delay to the calibration curve until the phase shift is 0 throughout. This is the time delay you want to use in the Options / Preferences Interchannel Time Delay setting. Set the value and then do a channel calibration again. You should see the calibration curve now be flat.

The advantage to correcting the time delay via this approach is that it is a theoretical solution. Rather than coping with the noise issues inherent in a delayed channel calibration you can correctly fix the time delay issue for once and for all. 

If your sound card doesn't need time delay correction (and some, such as the SB PCI512, as I recall, don't) congratulation. You can ignore this feature.

NOTE that it appears that the sblive actually changes the interchannel time delay from session to session (between two different values) so this value may need to be reset each time you restart Speaker Workshop.


Speaker Workshop is currently

Version 1.06 Rev 4/16/02

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